I love Spotify.

At first I thought it was just a convenience. We use my account in the office – with a PRS licence, *of course* – and Spotify meant that we weren’t limited to one person’s songs but anyone could put on pretty much anything they fancied. Whilst this has led to slightly more country and western than I ideally want in my working day, on the the whole it’s been a positive thing.

Then I realised that Spotify was quite a good way to share music on Twitter and, although these days I tend to use YouTube where possible (as not everyone has Spotify, EVEN THOUGH IT’S FREE), this led to me using collaborative playlists.

Oh my God.

The collaborative playlist works like this: you suggest a theme – such as best opening track on an album – and then you invite people to contribute tracks. Suddenly, you have a playlist of great songs, many of which you’ve never heard before, and often by artists that you’ve never even read about.

So, here a selection of collaborative playlists initiated by me and some Twitter chums:

Best openers

Best guitar

Best basslines

Best closers

Tender is the night

7×25 started by Tina Blackman

It’s Instrumental started by Quintin Forbes

Shake it like it’s summer started by Lou

Great synthpop of the 21stC started by Nige

Music to get you on the dancefloor started by Jon Allen.

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