Electronic Ears

For a long time I fantasised about having a radio show. Not so much because I wanted to be a DJ but because I wanted to play songs to other people.

Happily, Kirkby Lonsdale, where I live, had a hyper-local radio station, which transmitted to the town and some villages within a three mile radius. I thought that this was a place at which I could play the songs I wanted to without offending too many people.

So, on Sundays, from eight pm to ten pm (when no one was listening!), I had a two hour radio show called ‘Electronic Ears’, which ran from June 2012 through until June 2014, when the station went under. (Not, as far as a I know, as a direct result of my show.)

Surprisingly, I was approached by another station – a much bigger one – called Cando FM and asked to continue the show. It took a while but as of November 2015, the show is back on air, Sunday nights, 7pm until 9pm and broadcast here (and on the wireless, if you live around Barrow and Furness). However, I’ve also started podcasts – FINALLY – and you can download those from the pages detailing each week’s playlist.

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